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Atlanta Gothworks
Handmade Gothic, Mundane and MagickaL Jewelry, Engraving Jewelry Repair and Restorations, Custom jewelry Design and Metalsmithing

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"What a process you've described! It sounds like you've come up with new techniques to refurbish my little crab, and I thank you for trying so hard. Loved the video! Paid the invoice. This has been so much fun, thank you!! The very,very best to you, Michael"
Scroll Down for the video.
Restored Gold pendant

Here you can see the proper rendering of the colors. In the video below the crab's legs look red. My video camera's stills require more light than my DSLR. The piece is 3/4 inch" by 3/4 inch" in diameter. I had to remove the old, chipped enamel with my rotary engraving tool (part 1 on my YouTube channel) and apply a new coat.

Skull Pendant
Original Beaded Jewelry
Magickal, Porcelain Amulets Spelled per your choice (What do you need to manifest in your Ife?
 Hand Enameled Pendants, Engraving, Etching, Metalsmithing, Stone Setting and Jewelry Repairs
COMING SOON- Engraved Silver, or Sterling Silver Symbolic, Sigil or Seal Pendants
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Check Out the Custom Orders Page for Magickal Properties of the materials I use and options.

This Page is where you relate to me your vision and i help you make it your reality.

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Santa Muerte Skull Necklace
Gothic Cross

Magick Imbued Amulets and Pendants have been used for centuries to bring the wearers a variety of qualities like protection, healing, wealth and power. Wear your symbol or sigil to remind you of what you want to achieve till you know it so well the conscious becomes unconscious. Then you will see your dreams manifested. Read my book to learn how it works.

Gain the confidence you need to feel you are in control of your life.

Gothic Cross
Filigree Cross

      Filigree Cross                       The Ohm                        Ganesh

Hung on 2mm sterling silver plated chain

Gothic Cross on 6mm Rolo chain
Saturn Star/Star of David
Saturn Star or Star of David on 18 carat gold plated Cuban Link Chain

Restoring the Enameling on an Antique Gold Pendant: Part 2

Dragonfly Pendant
Dragonfly on a 6mm rolo chain
Scorpion Pendant
Poecelain Scorpion on 18 carat gold plated Cuban Link Chain
Scarab Beetle
Vampire Cross
             Scarab Beetle                                             Vampire Cross                                           Hand of Fatima   
Hung On a 2mm Sterling Silver plated chain


The Gothic Subculture

The gothic subculture, a fascinating and enigmatic movement, has transcended mere fashion to become a profound expression of identity and art. Rooted in the late 20th-century post-punk music scene, goth has evolved into a multifaceted subculture encompassing fashion, literature, and a distinctive worldview. Characterized by its dark aesthetic, gothic fashion often features black clothing, elaborate accessories, and unique hairstyles, serving as a visual representation of the subculture's penchant for the mysterious and the macabre.


Beyond appearance, the gothic subculture is a refuge for those who revel in the beauty of melancholy, embracing the shadows as a source of empowerment rather than fear. With a rich tapestry of literature, including gothic novels and poetry, the subculture explores themes of mortality, romanticism, and introspection.


Gothic communities, both online and offline, foster a sense of belonging for individuals who find solace in the darker aspects of life, creating a haven where like-minded souls can celebrate their uniqueness. Ultimately, the gothic subculture stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the unconventional, challenging societal norms while fostering a community that celebrates the beauty found within the shadows.

Lifetime Guarantee

My love for the gothic culture has brought me to offer the highest quality using beautiful, durable components and work excellence to offer you a product that will last a lifetime so, if it ever breaks, simply send it back and I will repair it at no cost.

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