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Herbal and Essential Oil Skin Oils

When I lived in Arizona, I was inspired by a Silversmith who was so busy he was backed up for 6 months and was always working. We talked a lot, and he showed me some things, and I have continued to learn and grow and now make my own jewelry and do repairs.

I also hung out with a couple of massage therapists in town, and a Tattoo Artist. That inspired me to create skin oils for both. For the tattoo artist I created a skin oil that not only assisted in healing, but relieved topical pain as well. It is a combination of Olive and Coconut oils; it is infused with Calendula (from the marigold flower), Lobelia, Feverfew with a little Lavender oil. 

For the Massage Therapists, who used straight essential oils I make the same preparation, only instead of lavender oil I use Spruce and Eucalyptus oils. I was always sold out. I am adding those formulas to my Offerings here. Beautiful Jewelry is enhanced by beautiful skin, and you might as well get some relief from minor topical pain while you are at it.


Both have an amazingly refreshing effect on the minor pain of a tattoo, and work even better on arthritic pain as the Turpin in the Spruce and Eucalyptus oils help the Lobelia and Feverfew to soak deeply into those irritated muscles relieving the spasms as the calendula feeds the skin and muscles.

Herb Infused Oils
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