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The information in this book Explains how magick works and tells one all he/she needs to know to create one's own system of magick. It touches on the basics, but I assume most who would buy a book on magick probably know most of that. I take no issue with your own ideas and nothing in this boook is meant ot congtradict, but magick is highly peronal so different practitioners have their own ideas that work for them. This is not a system, it is not a tradition, It is an explanation of the fundamental mechanisms that make any system work weather based in a diety, dieties, or atheistic. The secret is in you and your belief in yourself and your ideas of what is real to you and why any system of magick works. The more you practice the better you get and the more consistently it works.

A Rational Presentation of Magck in a Symbolic and Psychological Construct

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