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The REAL Secrets of Manifestation Series Post #2

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I have been involved in magic and the occult since my early 20s. I am now 61. I was involved with the Rosicrucian Fellowship for 15 years and rose to a high degree in my association with some sagacious people. During that time I learned many secrets. The secrets of manifestation are one that I can share. "The Secret" Touches on it but grossly misrepresents it. Also, as you read on you will find there is nothing supernatural about it. Much of what we do in the fellowship as we learn about the secrets of nature and the universe is tempering the knowledge we gain with wisdom and humility. That is the purpose of the Master/Student Relationship of old and is continued in the legitimate branches of the various secret societies. Mine have been Armand, Marajit, Peter, and Al. My life now is an homage to what they taught me. There are some unscrupulous people out there who have "blown the whistle" on Freemasonry and other organizations in a way that has not only been untrue but in some cases taught secrets to people who did not have the wisdom or humility to use that knowledge properly. They used that knowledge to gain power over others, unethically, and caused much harm.
I can tell you how amulets work and the principles of science that cause them to work. There is a story. Look at a flame. The coolest part of the flame is the top - it is red. This represents humanity, the collective unconscious; the world of ideas. The center of the flame is yellow/orange. This part of the flame represents you.

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