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The REAL Secrets of Manifestation Series Post #1.

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Manifestation is Not About Getting Stuff or Gaining Supernatural Abilities. It is About Using Your Talents and Abilities To Build A Life in Congruence with Your Principles. That is The Only Reality That Will Make You Happy.

Symbols Help You Do That

You have all you need to create the life for yourself that you want, you just need to learn how to make it happen, and what you read here will tell you exactly that. You just have to connect a few dots.

What I do here is only one example of how what you are about to read works. Any business owner who has started by working a job, and learned about the business, saved his money and risked it on a vision for his/her future knows exactly what I am talking about.

Materialism Is a Lie.

You are More Than What Nihilistic Materialialism tells you you are.

Why do they want you to think that consciousness is just an emergent property of brain activity and not the miraculous, amazing, magical process that it truly is?

What about the idea that you are an eternal being born of light? That is what the early quantum physicists, Planke, Bohr, Shrodinger, and Bohm believed

You have the power to create a better life for yourself.

That threatens the materialists. They want you to believe that only what they say is possible and that only doing it their way will work. They use all kinds of social pressures and subliminal messaging to lull you into believing them.

Who are they?

Those who make their wealth by exploiting your fears and tell you why you are not good enough without what they have to offer you - a life of slavery that you are grateful to have.

Materialists have created a society that depends on consumerism. The philosophy they create is - YOU are not good enough but our product or service will not succeed unless you buy our product or service. They create little emergencies in your mind, little conflicts with their commercials, you identify with their little scenarios in your mind - where the battle is waged - and you give them your money for the comfort they just sold you.

They make you think YOU need them but the reality is

They NEED you

They need you so much that they reject anything that disagrees with their narrative with vehemence. They resort to tirades of insults, and semantic arguments intended to discredit those who choose to believe there is more to being human than waking up, eating, working, shitting, sleeping for a lifespan, and dying.


Read on and learn why SCIENCE, The God they claim to worship, proves them wrong

Symbols have hidden meanings. They represent concepts that are universal and are part of what Jung referred to as, The Collective Unconscious. As you read you will discover How the Collective unconscious does exist but it takes a little critical thinking and dot-connecting. We will see Instructions on how to create your reality in ancient texts.

We will see what the earliest Quantum physicists believed about reality and its origins, and we will touch on scientists applying scientific rigor to intuition and the entanglement of mind fields, a collective unconscious connection proving that there is no separation, that all is one, as is put forth in the most ancient Eastern Philosophies.

Do We Know What We Think We Know


Is There More to Our Existence Than We Can Possibly Imagine?

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