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The Real Secrets of manifestation Series Post #4

You do not think they know what I am about to reveal? Why do you think Jeffery Epstein had a temple on his island? What do you think they did there? His was just one small group of elitists, this is a worldwide secretive power structure of like-minded groups of people working toward a single purpose. They know the power of symbols and rituals, and it is not supernatural. It is just dressed up to look that way so you will think it is bullshit.
People are corruptible, they act unethically and create evil things and enact evil ideas so the gatekeepers kept this a secret. However, evil people have been aware of this for a long time. It is time for good people to realize their true power and push back. Why do you think mass hysteria is a real thing?
Our minds generate a field around us - that field interacts with other fields, our emotional states intermingle and wah-la, or abracadabra, if you will - we have a block party spreading joy or an organization that feeds the poor or builds homes for veterans or a riot spreading anger and destruction, community organizations, charities. People are stronger in groups than alone. This is why people join groups they feel are in alignment with their beliefs. Our energy fields interact and influence each other and give power to the group to create what one person cannot alone.

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