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The Real Secrets of Manifestation Part 6.

a rich, successful business owner, athlete, or celebrity? What were they born with that you were not born with? Most of them start from humble beginnings, rise through the ranks, learn, move up, take advantage of opportunities, and prove themselves. They eventually move into management and after that, you either keep moving within the company till you reach that dead end or branch out on your own
You make lateral moves because they are SAFE.
The fear they spread about how hard it is to succeed, or the stigma of failure keeps you right where you are, which is right where they want you. The financial system is set against those who think going into debt is a path to success. Our economy is based on debt, and interest and the banks take advantage of those who jump at shortcuts rather than being prudent and patient.
How many stupid people have you worked for or presently work for who have half your talent and work ethic yet are living a better life because they have surrendered to being part of the machine? basically, are you a leader or a follower? Do you have the courage and fortitude to strike your own path or do you want to be safe?
You just have to get rid of the slave programming (The materialist Lie) you have been subjected to all your life. All you need to do is learn these secrets, have confidence in yourself, risk everything and go for it.
My Own Story is Proof that It Works.
I have been involved in magic and the occult since my early 20s. I am now 61. I was involved with the Rosicrucian Fellowship for 15 years and rose to a high degree in my association with some sagacious people. I also have an MS in Esoteric Sciences. During those times I learned many secrets. The secrets of manifestation are one that I can share. "The Secret" Touches on it but grossly misrepresents it. Also, as you read on you will find there is
Nothing Supernatural About It. Much of what we do in the fellowship as we learn about the secrets of nature and the universe is tempering the knowledge we gain with wisdom and humility. That is the purpose of the Master/Student Relationship of old and is continued in the legitimate branches of the various secret societies. Mine have been Armand, Marajit, Peter, and Al. My life now is an homage to what they taught me. There are some unscrupulous people out there who have "blown the whistle" on Freemasonry and other organizations in a way that has not only been untrue but in some cases taught secrets to people who did not have the wisdom or humility to use that knowledge properly. They used that knowledge to gain power over others, unethically, and caused much harm.
I can tell you how amulets work and the principles of science that cause them to work. Look at a flame. The coolest part of the flame is the top - it is red. This represents humanity, the collective unconscious; the world of ideas. The center of the flame is yellow/orange. This part of the flame represents you. The base of the flame is the hottest and it is white. This represents God.
This is where manifestation occurs. Your Brain is god (little "g"). Your brain, your attitude, the knowledge you gain, and the way you use that information are how you create your reality.
Also, the creation of your reality interacts with the way others create their reality. Most do it unconsciously but we all do it. Part of being conscious is being aware that you create your reality and taking control of the process. If you had as much faith in yourself as you did in a god, gods, or a person like Alistair Crowley just think how much you could create or how much more magick you could work.
How much more powerful could you be if your power was not so random? This is the true secret behind the power of secret societies and why this knowledge has been kept secret. However, so many bad people have become aware of that power and misused it that it is time to break the seals so good people can have a more inclusive stake in the creation of the future.
This is their secret. They do not want you to realize how powerful you really are. They are out there. We do not know who they are but we can see what is happening and we can see the evidence of what they are doing. The ones we do see are tools, but the planners and organizers never reveal themselves to anyone. Even most of the tools have no idea who they are.
They are people like The WEF, The darkly, powerful people influencing governments, and people who want money and power at any expense. They are the tools, the manipulated bishops and knights, the ones who can be sacrificed while the real powerful people continue to create a reality that is all about controlling and exploiting us, the pawns.
You do not think they know what I am about to reveal? Why do you think Jeffery Epstein had a temple on his island? What do you think they did there? His was just one small group of elitists, this is a worldwide secretive power structure of like-minded groups of people working toward a single purpose. They know the power of symbols and rituals, and it is not supernatural. It is just dressed up to look that way so you will think it is bullshit.
People are corruptible, they act unethically and create evil things and enact evil ideas so the gatekeepers kept this a secret. However, evil people have been aware of this for a long time. It is time for good people to realize their true power and push back. Why do you think mass hysteria is a real thing?
Our minds generate a field around us - that field interacts with other fields, our emotional states intermingle and wah-la, or abracadabra, if you will - we have a block party spreading joy or an organization that feeds the poor or builds homes for veterans or a riot spreading anger and destruction, community organizations, charities. People are stronger in groups than alone. This is why people join groups they feel are in alignment with their beliefs. Our energy fields interact and influence each other and give power to the group to create what one person cannot.

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