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The REAL Secrets of Manifestation Series Post 5

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

God (Big "G") is The consciousness that guides the universe; the energetic information source that imposes its will on the universal energy field creating the visible universe we interact with. It does not control everything, as a poor manager of a business does as he/she tries to micromanage every aspect of an employee's duties. Early quantum physicists like Planke, Bohre, Shrodinger, and Bohme believed this concerning The Copenhagen Interpretation in Quantum Mechanics. The following is as close as I can get to explaining.
Reality is an illusion. The eternal mind of the universe is an intelligent energetic being. Many traditions call it the limitless light, pure light. Energy can store information ( a computer's memory), and light can transmit information (fiberoptics) to the energy field that permeates the universe using frequency (vibration). Everything vibrates.
The vibrational frequencies transfer the information as a mathematical code that creates a matrix (ever wonder why mathematics explains everything) and forms everything we see, even us. In mystical Judaism, God speaks the universe into existence by intoning the sounds of the Hebrew letters. In India, the sound, Ohm, is the universal sound of creation, in meditation, you are creating what you meditate on.
You decide on a goal, your brain helps you achieve that goal by creating neuropathways that make working towards that goal automatic and helps you achieve it unconsciously. You still have to work at it, and the symbols in an amulet help keep you focused. Just look at it and think about your goal three times a day and your brain will do the rest.
We are refractions of that mind of that light energy as if through a prism. We create our reality with our energetic mind fields imposing our will, interacting with the mind fields around us and our purpose like Atman is to realize that were are one with Brahman, The mind that permeates the universe.-
God creates with energy, we create with physical reality and in some respects influence God to act on our behalf by unconsciously aligning with it. There are no coincidences, just unconscious random alignments, but what could we do if we could consciously align what we are with whatever God is? Rituals of all types help us do that. Magick really is real.

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