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Making Magick Practical: The Principle of Gender

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

This is actually the 7th principle. I am including it here because of the previous principle, polarity, and the controversy these days of the polarization of our political system and the firestorm surrounding gender ideology.

This is the principle of gender. It is a core hermitic belief that is immutable. "Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles Gender; manifests on all planes." — The Kybalion.

This principle is not anti-gay, anti-trans, or anything else and I will try to explain it with the utmost sensitivity. This principle is about balance. As I view gender and its expression - gender in humans exists on a continuum.

There are those males and females who identify with the opposite gender of their sex. This is because of the aforementioned continuum. Some men or women feel more masculine or feminine than others. This has always been and will always be.

There are many factors these days that contribute to this feeling of unbalance, not an unbalanced mind or mental illnesses but a feeling that in spite of having certain parts one does not feel like the societal norm associated with those parts.

I think the most significant of these factors is the proliferation of microplastic in our food supply. Namely, the chemicals leached from plastic interfere with male fertility, and the production of testosterone during fetal development at the proper time as well as in the proper amounts for normal development.

This leads to feminization. This is a fact. A man who does not develop normally does not feel like a man. Period, end of discussion. I am sure the same occurs in the development of the female sex. This is not a fault on the part of the individuals affected. This is not a decision to be made or resisted. This is a real thing supported by real science.

To be clear, I am not "woke". I do not believe in gender fluidity or in surgical solutions like reassignment. I also cannot deny that not feeling like you belong is confusing and traumatic. I have experienced that as a result of my brain injury.

It took me a long time to get over the feelings of anger and confusion. It took a long time for me to just accept myself as I am without having to self medicate with drugs and alcohol. Self acceptance is not easy but changing the outside does not change the feelings on the inside.

Coming to terms with who you are on the inside and loving that person in spite of what the world thinks is the real solution and I sincerely hope that those who are feeling like a surgical solution will be the answer will reconsider. Walt Heyer has a compelling story -

I have seen those who have come to regret it and continue suffering and finding that they cannot reverse what they have done end up just as sad and troubled. Some even end their lives, which is heartbreaking. I have been there.

I tried psychiatry and medication but masking symptoms is also not a solution and does its own damage because of the terrible side effects of psychiatric medications and the irreversible consequences of hormone blockers and surgery. Helping people accept themselves is the true answer, not some radical surgical or chemical application that just covers the pain temporarily.

Man's disregard for the environment is destroying humanity with more than just climate change. Pollution has caused developmental issues, metabolic issues, and auto-immune issues.

How has Magick adapted to these changes? The development of Chaos Magick or the acceptance of the chaos man has caused in our environment throws the natural order out of balance so a new system developed that is group-oriented. Hermeticism is about balance in the individual.

Rather than finding strength in one's own individual identity as a traditional man or woman, the egregore has shifted from the idea of individual strength to group strength. We can see by the existence and power of cancel culture that is shift has real, tangible power, that of chaos magick. As you think so shall it be.

Chaos Magick is driven by an egregore, a group ideological identification that goes against the natural order. It is an adaptation to man's separation from the God (Goddess)/Science balance and reverence for the planet to an arrogant disregard of environmental safety for profit, which tells us there is no God, we are only accountable to ourselves.

The gender issue is not an issue for me. I am respectful of all people and pronouns because I understand this was forced upon humanity because humans are basically arrogant and stupid. I love all people, even the arrogant and stupid but we have to deal with and adapt to these very real changes in society caused by those who put money and political power over safety.

My business is using symbols to help people feel better and be more successful using the brain’s ability to do what it naturally does and is backed by Neuroscience. Yes, it is magical the things we can achieve if we just hack our brain’s natural capacities.

I invite anyone to debate with me or make an offer for me to speak to any group.

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