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Making Magick Practical: The Principle of Polarity

Updated: Jun 12, 2022


"Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled." — The Kybalion.

Do you respect Magick? Due to a brain injury, I do not deal with ambiguity well. For me, communication must be clear and unambiguous. I can adjust, it just takes longer to process.

When I know something and that something seems to change with cultural norms I have to work a little harder to make sense of the proposed change and I do not consider cultural trends or peer pressure.

I use critical thinking. Unfortunately, our modern educational system does not teach critical thinking, it does not abide questions and insists one accept what one is told. This is not education, it is indoctrination.

Questioning is so important. Feeling free to ask questions and having those questions answered was the basis of The Socratic System. The students would ask Socrates a question and he would answer. Socrates never said - that is not a valid question, hence the saying - There are no stupid questions. Always feel free to ask, never just believe anything. The modern media is full of propaganda so always consider these questions:

Who made this?

Who is the target audience?

Who paid for this? Or, who gets paid if you click on this?

Who might benefit or be harmed by this message?

What is left out of this message that might be important?

Is this credible (and what makes you think that)?

Honesty is everything and this is how we make this 4th principle practical. You are either honest or you are not. You have integrity or you do not. Even one intentional lie, either of commission or omission means you are not honest. What compromises are you willing to make before your integrity no longer exists?

Examine all your beliefs, all of them, do you really believe it in your heart of hearts or are you going along with the crowd and what is popular? Are you acting on what is right or are you acting out of fear?

Who are you, really. Is your answer convincing to you? Can you defend it intelligently? are you prepared to consider that you may be wrong and, more importantly, are you willing to correct yourself. This is the perfect beauty of science - it self-corrects. Many theories have been abandoned or changed when scrutiny was applied and was found to not be supported by evidence.

What are you considering as evidence? I feel in my bones there is a God (Goddess). I cannot defend it with tangible evidence but I can look at the world and I can see there is more to it than what can be explained.

As wonderful as many scientific explanations are, many are still lacking. Gut feeling, and intuition, are important. If you don't know, what do you feel? If you ask God, The Goddess He/She will answer you. However, you must be able to ask with no pre-conceived ideas and no dogmatic leanings or biases. When you ask you must ask as a child, knowing nothing.

My business is using symbols to help people feel better and be more successful using the brain’s ability to do what it naturally does and is backed by Neuroscience. Yes, it is magical the things we can achieve if we just hack our brain’s natural capacities.

I invite anyone to debate with me or make an offer for me to speak to any group.

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