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Making Magick Practical: Creating your Sacred Place

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Taken from "Talismans, Amulets and Magical Symbols by, Nathaniel

Your Sacred Space

The very first step in creation of any magical symbol is choosing the place where it will be created, and know this, not every place is right for creation of magical items. Talismans or amulets can be created anywhere, depending on the need, yes, but the best place to create, charge and cleanse them would be something we call a Sacred Space. Sacred Space is a place meant only for magical purposes - creation of talismans, casting spells or even summoning spirits and something as simple as meditation. Such sacred spaces are widely popular around the world, perhaps more than you think so. For example, a church is a sacred space, meant only for religious purposes. An occultist or witch can create such sacred space using single room in a house or flat, or even some abandoned building, or a cave. If you have a place for meditation purposes, then it's your sacred space as well. The place doesn’t really matter as long as some rules are obeyed. Here the are: • The place must be quiet - so you won’t be disturbed. These days, most modern buildings are sound-proof to some degree, so you shouldn’t have problems with that. • The place must be dark - light isn’t good for magical purposes. The only light allowed in your sacred space should be generated by candles. • The place must be used only for sacred space - no other activity should be performed in the place. Sacred Space is giving its user two things - first is simple, focus and concentration. With Sacred Space you can focus on performing your magical task without being disturbed in any way. Second thing is - the Sacred Space is increasing energy vibration. And magick is all about energy. When the place is used only for magical purposes, the energy is becoming more “magical”, more sacred, and therefore, any magical activities performed in such place are giving better results. Even the candle light or incenses have a meaning here – they are putting your mind into specific mind state that is increasing the effects of your magical work.

How to Create Sacred Space Now that you know what sacred space is and why you should you use it, you can learn how to create it. First of all, you need to choose the room – it might be an attic or basement, or normal room in your house that is not used at all. Or it can be a house placed deeply in forest, or mountain cabin. The choice is yours, what really matters is that the place need to be quiet and not disturbed by anyone, as you already know. Then, you should follow these steps. 1.Clean the room – You need to clean the room from all items, objects and garbage of any sort. Leave no furniture, no artificial lights, nothing at all. The place must be cleaned totally. This is first thing to do, and the most physical thing to do. 2. Cleanse the room –Then you need to cleanse the room of negative energies. If you’re an energy worker, you can use energy manipulation skills, and scratch the walls of energies, and throw them away. But I recognize not everyone is an energy worker, so I have to give you more details. First, sit down inside the room and visualize all negative, dark energies being thrown through doors or through window - just visualize it – or in other words, imagine it. Then, visualize bright white light covering the entire room, try to feel a light breeze inside it. These are semi-magical, or should I say, semi-psychical (psychic) steps to make. After this, take a candle, place it in a pot, and place the pot inside the room. Sprinkle salt around the place, and light the candle. Let it burn out (it might take some time). Then, light an incense (of any sort, you might want to consult some books or websites to choose the best, but in my eyes, any natural incense will do the trick), let the incense burn out as well. Candle heat, salt and incense’s smoke are known for cleansing capabilities, and yes - this is magical doing right now. Finally, if you have wind bells, you can hover the inside the room and open all doors 11 Talismans, Amulets & Magical Symbols | A State of Mind and windows, and air the room. This will cleanse the room of all negative energies and prepare it for magical purposes. 3.Decorate the Room – Some people prefer for their sacred space to be spartan in look - no fabric, no furniture, nothing at all. Others like to decorate the room - attach some fabric to the walls, some candlestick and so on. I suggest that you should not get the room too dirty - it should remain as simplest as possible. But definitely, piece of fabric should be placed on all window, and it should cover the doors as well. The room must be dark, as light tends to disrupt proper magical energies. The best advice I can give you here is that the room should have a nice feel in your eyes, if you're thinking about extremely gothiclike room like the one on old vampire movies, go for it! Just make sure the room won't get cluttered. 4.Build an Altar – You need to build an altar. Do not worry, it won’t be meant for sacrificing virgins or poor cats - just a place where you will create your magical objects. It can be a box, or a short table, with or without fabric on it. Upon altar, you can place ritual objects, or it can remain empty for further use. But it must be there. 5.Draw a circle - Using chalk, paint or even duck tape, you need to draw a circle around the altar, about 3 meters in diameter. It will not only symbolize your connection with universe and understanding of wholeness, but it will also act as basic protection, as circles are well known for protection purposes. 6. Ward the room – Finally if you’re an energy worker, you can also ward the room. Remember to recharge the ward from time to time. If you’re not an energy worker, you can still try to ward the room by following these steps. Sit down and with closed eyes, visualize bright white light covering all walls, windows, doors, floor and ceiling of the room. Visualize this bright white light becoming solid mass that cannot be passed by any other energies. That’s it - the room is now warded. And now you are done – you have created your sacred space. Remember – if you cannot find a whole room, a corner of a room will be enough for start. 12 Talismans, Amulets & Magical Symbols | A State of Mind Just keep others away from it, and cleanse its energies more often. No people should be allowed in your Sacred Space, as they will disrupt the energies. Room should remain dark as well. The more rituals you will perform there, the stronger the energy will become. I have two more tips for you: • Never get angry in your Sacred Space - let it remain sacred and peaceful. If you’re angry or feared, get outside, or find other room. No negative energies are allowed in Sacred Space. • Use it for other purposes - of course, Sacred Space is not meant only for creation of magical objects; it can be used for different magical purposes, or psychic work, or even something as simple as meditation. Creation process of your Sacred Space might take 2 days, or whole week - that depends how much garbage do you have in the room. If you still feel some old, residual energies inside it after cleansing, use candles and incenses again. Perform this step carefully, as it’s probably the most important step in an entire creation process.

My business is using symbols to help people feel better and be more successful using the brain’s ability to do what it naturally does and is backed by Neuroscience. Yes, it is magical the things we can achieve if we just hack our brain’s natural capacities.

I invite anyone to debate with me or make an offer for me to speak to any group.

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