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Esotericism and Magick

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Eastern Traditions are intended for or understood by only a small group, especially those with specialized knowledge or interests. Magickal and Spiritual things are highly speculative, and a result of curiosity about what may lie beyond the pale of death. many believe we never die because everything, even thoughts are energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes forms

. There is a power, an energy grid that pervades the universe (Mana). Literally, everything is a state of energy. Even your thoughts are energy and everything you do or think consumes or projects energy.

Our energy comes from the foods we eat and the liquids we drink. So the foods we eat and the level of physical activity we engage in are very important to our health and our magick. The better you eat and the more you exercise the more efficient your body becomes at creating energy and transferring it to not only your body but your magic because the more energy you raise from within yourself.

By combining that inner energy with the Mana (the energy field that pervades the universe) by using an amulet or Talisman, spell, incantation, ritual, planetary energy, sigil, seal, or symbol magnifies your personal power to change the world you live in.

The most effective magicians keep themselves in good health. They also keep their minds strong. Using magic takes a lot of energy and concentration. Controlling your emotions and redirecting that stored energy is what makes your magic stronger and assists in transferring that energy from the inside to the outside.

Staying focused on your intended goal is also very important. Some magickal work takes more energy than others. Some rituals or spells can be very tiring when you consider the preparations and prayers, making of potions, gathering the objects, etc... So, stay healthy and keep fit!!

My business is using symbols to help people feel better and be more successful using the brain’s ability to do what it naturally does and is backed by Neuroscience. Yes, it is magical the things we can achieve if we just hack our brain’s natural capacities.

I invite anyone to debate with me or make an offer for me to speak to any group.

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