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A New System - Moral Magick: A Return to A Source of Objective Morality

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

There are many magikal systems. Most are based on religious traditions and use the gods and goddesses of the cultures from which those systems arose. Then there is Chaos magick, which is an agnostic magick, which rejects the idea of an objective source of reality and morality. All magical systems are equally valid if you accept a neuropsychological definition of magick. Yes, the system I am proposing is based on science and can be used by anyone and with any magical system.

If you have looked at my blog, I started with the 7 Hermetic Principles and tried to show how that is true based on practical examples from the real world. Many have the idea that magick is supernatural. We hear the word “magick” and it conjures images of wizards in pointed hats throwing energy balls at each other or an ugly old woman stirring a cauldron of strange ingredients like exotic herbs and eye of newt, toe of salamander, etc...

The Brain is an amazing organ. It gathers all the sensory information from our senses and the events we observe. It then applies those observations to everything we have ever learned, throws in images from our imagination and memory of our reactions to things that stimulate us throws in our biases, and produces our perception of what is going on in our environment leading to a course of action. God has given us everything we need to make our own Magick

The most amazing thing is that all this is done instantly and unconsciously. When we face a problem, our brains continue the process described above to help us solve problems and help us improve on former ideas and solutions to make life easier. The next three paragraphs are the key to all magickal systems and why they really work. Yes, magick is real.

When it comes to actions taken after we find a solution the brain creates neuropathways to streamline the implantation of those solutions with not only repetition but also visualization. Whatever we want to accomplish in life, whatever our will focuses on our brains are designed to help us achieve that end in the most efficient way.

When we look at brain scans it appears the brain cannot distinguish between an actual event and a psychic event. The same parts of the brain are stimulated in each and the only way we can tell the difference is that the brain cancels self-generated signals from the imagination so we can experience the world around us.

What is the definition of Magick? Magick is the ability to make changes in the external world in accordance with our will. This is about that. If you want to accomplish something in the external world your brain is designed to help you achieve whatever you choose to achieve in the most efficient way. That is quite literally, Magickal. I do not believe this could have happened by random evolutionary processes and Science, so far, has not been able to explain it, either.


I developed my own magickal system many years ago that was very in line with Chaos Magick. However, in my observations of the world and what is going on, I have noticed a sharp decline in moral standards. Things that use to be considered immoral have begun to be normalized, most strongly represented by the sexualization of children in movies like “The Professional” (1994), “Kids” (1995), “Manhattan” 1979, “Lolita” (1997), “Taxi Driver” (1976”, “Pretty Baby” (1978), and many other. We have been grooming and being groomed to accept all this since the 70s at least.

interestingly enough the ’70s gave rise to Chaos Magick, a magickal system that rejects the idea of Gods and objective morality. We all know the stories if the use of magick and ritual by Hollywood personalities confirmed by the revelations from the Jeffery Epstein case.

I have been struggling with God belief and objective morality for a long time. I have made the conscious decision to return to the world of belief and the existence of a source of objective morality. I believe that separating Magick from God and Morality has had a detrimental effect on humanity. I do not believe in any God or Goddess of any religion but I do believe with all my heart there is a source of creation and objective morality.

I feel that we should all consider what has been going on since, at least the mid-seventies, and since these types of grooming behaviors escalate as it started many years before. Science is a wonderful thing and reveals so much to us about creation but our arrogance and rejection of God or positive moral standards is causing a serious decline in the quality of entertainment and human existence.

My business is using symbols to help people feel better and be more successful using the brain’s ability to do what it naturally does and is backed by Neuroscience. Yes, it is magical the things we can achieve if we just hack our brain’s natural capacities.

I invite anyone to debate with me or make an offer for me to speak to any group.

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