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Atlanta Gothworks
Jewelry Design and Creation
Porcelain Amulets, Filigree Porcelain Pendants, Engraving, Beaded Necklaces, Restorations, Metalworking, Custom Castings, Repairs, and a wide variety of Stainless-Steel Pendants or Natural Stones.

Restoring an antique Gold Pendant and designing a
Gaudy Gothic Necklace

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I do not do much stock work, what you see in the store (below) is what you get. I primarily do specialty jobs that pay pretty well or custom requests to your specs. 

Here are some examples

Restoration of an antique gold pendant. (Look Here)
My work is in "Empire Arts Gallery" in Atlanta, GA. (Look here)
I was asked to create a piece for a horror movie set. (confidential till after release).
I did a logo on a medallion for a musician to use as merch for marketing a song. (Look Here)

Free Shipping on everything

This is my original Gothic collection as well as some mundane items. I am in the process of updating the collection to be more contemporary as I have been Goth from the beginning of the subculture in the 80's with post-punk, but which started with Rocky Horror, in my opinion. Everything carries a
lifetime guarantee
 If it breaks, send back what you have left, even if you lose some of it.
I will repair it at no charge with free shipping back to you.

These also come in the original Stainless-Steel color.

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